Joanne "Jo" Fraser

Splash Practice Manager ®

she / her 

Joanne is our full time practice manager at Splash Physiotherapy. 


She understands the importance of children being active and values the role Splash Physiotherapy play in supporting children to participate in sports and recreation.


An active gym goer herself, Joanne especially enjoys early morning cycling classes before starting the work day.


She has been involved in various sporting clubs via her own children’s participation in sport, including assisting with fundraising, cooking the occasional bbq, and writing club newsletters.


Joanne joined Splash with over five years senior administration experience in paediatric allied health. She loves assisting the Splash team behind the scenes so they can stay organised and get on with what they do best.


We help babies, children and young people learn everyday functional activities

to participate in life at home, school, and in the community.

We see children are part of a family

  • Families know their children best

  • Children do best in their own environments

  • We find strategies that fit in with your everyday life

  • We form respectful, cooperative partnerships with families

  • We value Melbourne's diverse community

We are professional, playful and up to date

  • We are professional, friendly, fun, and love the work we do

  • Coordinating with your health and education services helps everyone work towards their goals

  • We are committed to life long learning. We are highly skilled and up to date. 

  • We are constantly improving

We teach the way kids learn

  • Children learn through play

  • Every achievement is celebrated

  • We apply the science behind neuroplasticity in practical strategies to optimise learning

  • We use a strengths based approach

  • The earlier the better and it's never too late! We work with babies through to young people

  • We observe carefully, adjust moment to moment, to: meet your individual learning needs; find the 'just right challenge'; optimise your chance to learn

We celebrate small steps towards participation goals

  • Participation is key

  • We start with your participation goal. Then we drill down to small details in body structure and function to help you learn functional skills

  • We support all areas of development

  • We advocate to address social, environmental, policy and institutional barriers to participation

  • Swim safer skills and behaviours are part of every aquatic physiotherapy session

  • Being active is good for everyone