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Core supports for physio

Physiotherapy can now be funded from core supports budget

Yet another NDIS price guide was released in October, only a few months after the most recent update in July.

The major change is new item numbers allowing capacity building therapy, such as physiotherapy, to be funded by the core supports budget. This has not previously been possible.

The intention appears to be to assist participants when they are nearing the end of a plan, to allow more flexibility in how their separate budgets can be spent, to prevent a gap in physiotherapy.

Sometimes the core supports budget of your NDIS plan is "stated" meaning it can only be used for specific purposes. If you are wanting to use this budget for therapy, it would be important to check if it is "stated". You LAC / ECIC partner should be able to assist with this if it is not clearly labelled on your NDIS plan.

NDIS price guides & support guides are available here:

** The NDIA changes rules and procedures frequently. Information is correct at the time of publishing. It is important families check for updates rather than relying on this information **

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