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We don't know everything yet! There's a lot to learn.

Here's some helpful links


Aquatic Physiotherapy


What is aquatic physiotherapy? 

The Halliwick Method


Persistent pain


Explain pain by David Butler and Lorimer Moseley


Neuro Orthopaedic Institute


Body in Mind


Learn to swim


P & J Swimming Schools


Preparing your baby for swimming


The Kickstart Swimming Program


Head shape and SIDS


Plagiocephaly (Royal Children's Hospital)


Back to sleep and protect your baby's head shape (SIDS)




Association for children with a disability 

Help with making the most of available services and supports


Carers Australia


Leisure Networks

"Helping sporting clubs, community groups and people of all abilities to be healthy, active, inclusive and successful."


Cerebral Palsy Support Network


World Cerebral Palsy Day

1st October

And their infographic "What is cerebral palsy?"


Australian Acacemy of Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine

And their hip surveillance consensus statement


Down Syndrome Australia


Down Syndrome Victoria


World Down Syndrome Day

21st March


National Premmie Foundation

World Prematurity Day 17th November



with National Premature Birth Awareness Week, "Born Early"




Independent Living Centre in Braybook, Victoria


Are baby walkers helpful? by Splash Physiotherapy


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