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What are your child's strengths? How can we support them?

Facilitating inclusion and participation

at childcare, kindergarten and school

Childcare, kindergarten and school visits

We are experienced in working with a wide variety of child care centres, kindergartens, mainstream schools and special developmental schools. We can offer services such as: 

  • direct observation

  • collaboration with teachers and staff

  • advice on facilitating inclusion and participation in the classroom and playground activities

  • advice on activities to help your child move towards their developmental goals

  • advice on equipment and sitting positions to help your child be nice and steady so they can focus on learning

  • coordinate with your therapy, medical and education teams

  • reports to advocate for inclusion support staff funding

  • planning for transition to kinder and school


Participation is the ultimate goal!

Physiotherapy visits and/ or aquatic physiotherapy

We can do a physiotherapy assessment, assess how your child is moving and coping, and together develop goals to help them participate as fully as possible in their day to day life at home, kinder and school. 


We can assess and advise on equipment needs. 


More about physiotherapy visits


More about aquatic physiotherapy


More about facilitating inclusion and participation in sporting and leisure activities

Written reports for use in applications for inclusion support funding 


We are very experienced in writing reports to support your applications for inclusion support funding in kindergarten, and for your ENQ appointment in planning transition to school 


We can report on your child's background, therapy history, developmental gains and challenges.

We can make recommendations for supports required in the kindergarten or school environment (eg. sitting at a table, floor time, moving around the classroom, moving around the school, using the playground, participation in sport, art and other specialist programs, and excursions). 


Formal assessments can be very useful to demonstrate your child's abilities and areas where they will need support.  

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