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Inclusion in swimming lessons

IMAGE shows a child taking a selfie with her physiotherapist during an aquatic physiotherapy session. They are smiling in the swimming pool and have wet hair and faces.

We are experienced in facilitating inclusion and participation of children in group activities. 


Often children begin with one- on- one aquatic physiotherapy sessions with us, so we can: 

  • understand your child's movement patterns, specific learning needs and communication styles

  • work with your child to improve their skills and confidence in the water

  • develop clear recommendations for your swimming teacher

We can use the strategies outlined in the KickStart program (such as visual schedules) to meet the needs of each child.


We can then support your child during their group swimming lessons to aid their transition, and to help their teacher understand your child's specific learning needs. 


We are also then available to consult or jump back in the pool in the future to help with further problem solving if that's helpful.

Some children do best with an additional stepping stone. Our physiotherapy assistants are able to provide your child with one - on - one support to participate in their group swimming lesson, alongside their teacher. Some children have assistant support for a short block, and others more long term, depending on their needs. The physiotherapists are able to provide further support at any stage as needed.

See our 'Pathways to swimming' for more information about the many ways we can facilitate inclusion in swimming, and development of swim safer skills and behaviours.

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