Everything is online these days, including professional development for physios across Australia. 

Thanks to the 73 physios who joined Judy Larsen, Jillian Chua, Adrian Benson and myself this evening talking about our experiences in managing aquatic physiotherapy servic...

NDIS planning inquiry recommendations, our take on it after making a submission to the inqury

I had a great time teaching on the Level 1 Aquatic Physiotherapy course, for the Australian Physiotherapy Association this past weekend. 

I regularly join colleagues to present these courses  in Melbourne, and this time covered the risk management and treatment techniqu...

Disability related health supports are moving to the NDIS 

Defining health related supports as being the responsibility of the health sector vs the NDIS is a longstanding issue. This has been somewhat clarified by changes to move some health related supports to the NDIS...

Physiotherapy can now be funded from core supports budget

Yet another NDIS price guide was released in October, only a few months after the most recent update in July. 

The major change is new item numbers allowing capacity building therapy, such as physiotherapy, to be...

What is separation anxiety? 

Separation anxiety is when a child feels upset when separated from their caregiver. 

Some babies and children struggle when they are put down or the caregiver is nearby in the room. Others struggle when they are left a childcare, or put into...

Medicare has implemented small price rises on items after a freeze on rates for many years.

July 2, 2019

Key point: The NDIA has announced new early intervention access to the NDIS with 6 months' funding for eligible children Young babies and children have been mis

Key points: new NDIA price guide 19 - 20 is finally out! Travel caps increase from 20 to 30 mins. Prices increase across the board. Cancellation policy update.

Our physiotherapy intensives are fantastic fun, and a great way improve bike riding skills over the school holidays. I spoke at the Australian Physiotherapy Association's Paediatric group about the way we are setting goals and measuring change.

 Image description: young...

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