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Green Hills

Splash Adventure Club™!

Splash Adventure Club ™ is a small group physiotherapy program where we lead children and their adult caregivers on Adventures to address their individual goals, together. 

Examples of goal areas include: 

  • mobility, agility & balance

  • endurance, exercise tolerance & cardiovascular fitness

  • self care skills, self regulation & tuning into interroception

  • friendship skills

  • engaging in nature based learning

  • learning about our environment, how to care for ourselves in it, and how we can contribute to protecting it

  • adult caregivers gain confidence and skills in how to support their child in a range of outdoor Adventures and plan their own family day trips to meet individual needs

As with all of our Splash Physiotherapy™ services, we thoroughly research Evidence Based Practice, use the best practise prinicpals for working with children and families, use exercise science and the ICF model to develop our interventions, and use goal directed sessions to meet individuals' learning needs.

There's a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into preparing each Adventure to be suitable for the children involved, to develop goals with their key physio, and to use exercise science to develop a plan. But what you and the Splash Kids will see if a lovely fun day with new friends in beautiful places! 

Splash Adventure Club is open to children currently working with Splash Physiotherapy. Goals span each quarter, and build towards big exciting goals at the end of the year! 

If you'd like to find out more, please talk to your Splash Physiotherapist ™ about enrolling in the next quarter. 

See resources and back up plans here!

What families are saying about Splash Adventure Club!
"We have enjoyed the Splash Adventure Club program so far.  It has given my child opportunity to improve on his endurance skills as well as strategies to help with physical outdoor play in a social setting." 
"My daughter and I have participated in two quarters of Adventure Club and we love it. It has been great way to spend time with each other and experience new things and go to new places. We are getting to know the other families and feel really happy being part of a group who all enjoy being in nature. The sessions are really thoughtfully planned out and a lot of effort goes into the activities and the places we go. There is something for everyone and everyones ability is taken into consideration. 
My daughter's enjoyment and confidence in being part of the our outings has really improved. In the very beginning, she would whinge and worry about where we were going and what we were doing and was quite anxious, she is now developing a real sense of adventure and her fitness and resilience is getting so much better."
"We were so impressed to see our child initiating play with the other children, sharing what they were each observing, and even sharing resources! That blew our mind, it's an enormous achievement. The way that each Splash Adventure Club session is prepared, planned for and flexibly delivered by skilled physiotherapists is so clear. It allows each child to engage in a way that meets their needs and make wonderful progress."
"The online make up resources for the Splash Adventure Club were great. It was well presented and easy to follow. We were able to do it in our spare time. The kids didn’t feel as though missed out on the Adventure!"
We have redacted names for privacy

2022 Q4

Splash Adventure Club™

Our first ever Splash Adventure Club was a wonderful success! Together we explored 3 different locations around Melbourne on Wurundjeri and Bunerong Country and built on our skills together and as a team. 

Video to come soon! 

2023 Q1

Splash Adventure Club™

We had a water theme this quarter, and explored different habitats on Bunerong Country. We focussed on agility and engaging with our environment this quarter, while starting to build up some distance.

We went rockpooling, followed a river down to its mouth through the marina to the sea and the beach, and explored wetlands from an observation tower.

Red Maple Leaves

2023 Q2

Splash Adventure Club™

We made the most of the changing seasons this quarter. We visited gardens in the Dandenongs and the city with changing autumn leaves, and did our first mini bush walk exploring tall trees, a deep valley, and beautiful lake.

We expanded on distance and started to add in some gradients in this quarter.

2023 Q3

Splash Adventure Club™

For the 3rd quarter we are building further on distance and adding in level of difficulty as we head towards our goal Adventures in quarter 4!

We have started with visiting the You Yangs with some rock scrambling and a bush walk; are heading to a spectacular national park and finishing off with special visitors at the end of the quarter! 

Sunset Over Forest

2023 Q4

Splash Adventure Club™

Goal Adventures! 

This is what we are working towards all year! 

We are building towards some bigger Adventures, in even more exciting locations, and some wonderful celebrations of achievements! 

Beautiful Landscape
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