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We help children do what they want to do.

Inclusion in sporting and leisure activities

We love to have physiotherapy sessions in playgrounds, on footy ovals and in dance classes. Sometimes a few sessions at the activity can make a big difference in a child's confidence, and in the staff's ability to support your child to participate. 


We often also work on these skills during sports and recreation intensivesphysiotherapy visits at home, school, the playground or your activity, or aquatic physiotherapy can work towards the skills you need to participate in our chosen activity.

We've been known to work on dance moves in the water. One girl in primary school was thrilled to end up performing with her class at the end of term without her walker, and without falling over. Working on a child's goals like this can be a wonderful way for them to further their skills in balance and coordination, motor planning, and to develop strength.

We can build your skills in session, support you as you join in community based activities, help with any equipment or access needs, and liase with your community team to address any barriers and help them to meet your individual learning and access needs. That's taking your progress from learning functional skills, right through to embedding them in participation.

Participation is the ultimate goal!

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