The NDIS is being gradually rolled out across Victoria between 2016 and 2019. 

We are proud to be registered providers under the NDIS.

We are assisting families transitioning across to the NDIS  as it becomes available in their area.

Splash Physiotherapy is a registered NDIS provider

Splash Physiotherapy has been providing services under the NDIS since 2016

Our Provider Registration Number is 76397561

We are registered to provide the following supports under 'Capacity building : improved daily living skills'

  • NDIS: Early childhood supports for early childhood

  • NDIS: Specialised assessment of skills, abilities and needs

  • NDIS: Therapeutic supports

  • NDIS: Assistive technology specialist assessment, set up and training

  • NDIS: Personal mobility equipment

  • NDIS: Assistive equipment for recreation

NDIS price guide

We charge the rates set by the NDIS price guide for Victoria

The Victorian most current price guide can be downloaded here.

These rates apply to both in person and non - contact work eg. writing a report, attending a meeting, and travel for visits. All visits are minimum 1 hour, though we do shorter sessions at our pools.

The price guide also specifies policies regarding services such as travel and non - contact work. 

The NDIS does not cover additional costs eg entry to a local swimming pool for wheelchair access, which the participant needs to cover. 

If you have a companion card, the person directly responsible for keeping you safe in the pool can attend free of charge. If you do not have a companion card, most pools will charge for your staff as well. Again that cost is covered by the participant.

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Rollout dates

Roll out has now commenced in all ares of Melbourne

** Please note that the roll out dates mark the beginning of work in your area. In our experience, many families do not receive access to NDIS funding until many months after the roll out commences.**

This link shows the council areas and the relevant NDIS contacts for planners in your area

At this link you can enter your post code to find your local NDIS office (but there is no email address contact)

You will need to ask your ECEI partner / LAC what your "local NDIA office" email contact is eg.

They will also tell you your email address for submitting Assitive Technology applicaitons eg


Short 6 month lans for early chidhood intervention 

Please see the NDIS info regarding these new plans which commenced 12/8/19

They are available for children who have been waiting to access the NDIS, who have been assessed as 'eligible' more than 50 days ago, have not had their initial planning meeting, and are under 7 years of age

This gives families quick access to funding for capacity  building therapy while awaiting their NDIS planning meeting 

NDIS updates

We post all updates  on our Facebook page, and will continue to update this page and our blog.

This page shows blog articles we have written regarding the NDIS.

NDIS planning inquiry recommendations, our take on it after making a submission to the inqury

Disability related health supports are moving to the NDIS 

Defining health related supports as being the responsibility of the health sector vs the NDIS is a longstanding issue. This has been somewhat clarified by changes to move some health related supports to the NDIS budget. 

For example, families with hearing impairment costs will see this being included in their NDIS plans.

The support categories currently covered include: 


Physiotherapy can now be funded from core supports budget

Yet another NDIS price guide was released in October, only a few months after the most recent update in July. 

The major change is new item numbers allowing capacity building therapy, such as physiotherapy, to be funded by the core supports budget. This has not previously been possible. 

The intention appears to be to assist participants when they are nearing the end of a...

July 2, 2019

Key point: The NDIA has announced new early intervention access to the NDIS with 6 months' funding for eligible children Young babies and children have been mis

Key points: new NDIA price guide 19 - 20 is finally out! Travel caps increase from 20 to 30 mins. Prices increase across the board. Cancellation policy update.

The new NDIS Price Guide for 2018 - 2019 has been released

Splash families may hear about the new NDIS price guide starting July one which was released yesterday afternoon. 

What therapy will the NDIS pay for? 

You can rest assured that therapy prices were not cut starting July 1. 

However the recommendation #17 on the IPR is still being reviewed, and an email from the NDIA CEO (sent to NDIS registered providers last night) a...

  • Meetings with Senators and their advisors in Canberra

  • Advice received on next steps and further information they would find helpful

  • More opportunities scheduled

Meeting Senators in Canberra to advocate for a fair NDIS

Today was a big day. 

As many of you know I have been involved in advocacy regarding the Independent Pricing Review changes released March 2nd. 

There are many people involved for both providers and...

Are you confused about how to manage your NDIS Plan? 

It's good to research these options and make a choice on how you want your plan managed before your initial planning meeting. You will be asked at that meeting what you would like to do. 

There are 3 ways to manage your NDIS plan

1. Self management

2. Plan management

3. NDIA managaement

The NDIS released this images on their facebook page 20/4/18 to help explain.

1. You can choose...

As you hopefully know, the NDIS has accepted changes recommended by the "Independent Pricing Review" (IPR)  ON 2nd March 2018.

Accepted changes, starting 1st July, mean: 

• capacity buildling therapy funding is reduced for many participants

• people with disabilities are assigned a level of how 'simple' or 'complex'

I wrote about our concerns with the IPR here.

It's a good starting point for a summary of the isssues, and I up...

Building the capacity of participants is one of the key principles of the NDIS. 

It relates to our core purpose here at Splash to help babies, children and young people learn everyday functional skills to participate in life at home, school, and in the community.

It is also reflected in our core values that "we teach the way kids learn"

Capacity building in the NDIS Act 2013 

We have pulled together this article to assist with adv...

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