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Private Funding options

Private health insurance
Splash Physiotherapy invoices may be claimed against your private health insurance if you are covered for physiotherapy. Our provider numbers and all details required are listed on the invoices. We recommend checking with your health insurance before beginning sessions to check your eligibility. Listed below are item codes you may like to check your rebates on: 
*Only 'contact' services can be invoiced using these items. Telehealth (such as consults over the phone) are accepted. Non - contact work, such as report writing, cannot be used with these items. 
TAC (Transport Accident Commission)
Splash Physiotherapy services may be covered by TAC claims if you have a current claim and have been referred by your general practitioner. Please check with your TAC case manager before beginning work with us to avoid unexpected out of pocket expenses.
Not for profits
There are a number of charities who families are sometimes successful in applying for funding with, where their child is not eligible for any other support.
Flexible support packages 
We often work with children whose sessions are funded by Baptcare's Flexible support packages. 
They are for children up to school age, to allow access to flexible supports to meet your individual needs, on a short term bases through external agencies.
Families in the northern and western regions of Melbourne are eligible.
Your Early Childhood Intervention Service key worker arranges the application to Baptcare.
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