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New schoolmate app for Victorian schoolkids

The new #schoolmate app helps parents stay in touch with their children's education

The app is made for families of children in Victorian schools. The Department's website says it will:

  • describe what students from Prep to Year 10 are learning, according to the Victorian AusVELS curriculum

  • give ideas to help children continue to learn at home

  • recommend resources related to children's school work (eg. apps and books) that families can download, borrow or buy

It was developed in response to parent feedback

Parents wanted to know more about what their children were learning at school, and what families could be doing at home to help them learn, according to research from the Department of Education.

Teachers and the curriculum authority collaborated with the Department of Education in developing the app

Collaborators included:

  • the Department of Education

  • school principals from across Victoria

  • teachers' associations including the History Teachers Association of Victoria and the Maths Teachers Association of Victoria

  • the Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority

The app was pre- tested by:

  • the Raising Children’s Network

  • Parents Victoria

  • the Victorian Mother of the Year, Samantha Jackel

Get the #schoolmate app for Apple or Android

We'll be interested to hear if you think this is a helpful tool.

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