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Life skills HSC

This is a great article about Marnie and Lucy who are completing their HSC subjects in life skills.

Their learning support teacher, Stephanie Kuldan, said "Their parents and teachers won't always be there to help them, so they need to be able to do things for themselves... Marnie can make a cup of tea and she can make spaghetti bolognaise. It's little things like that that she won't always need someone to do for her now."

HSC Life skills courses are available for students with specific learning needs after a collaborative decision making process.

Subjects include areas such as:

  • english, maths and science life skills

  • personal development, health and physical education life skills

  • citizenship and society life skills

  • creative arts life skills

  • technology life skills

  • work and community life skills

In Victoria, the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) is a hands-on option for students in Years 11 and 12. It is an accredited secondary certificate, like the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE).

Students have the opportunity to build:

  • practical work-related experience

  • literacy and numeracy skills

  • personal skills that are important for life and work.

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