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International day of people with disability

The International Day of People with a Disability is sanctioned by the United Nations that aiming to "promote an understanding of people with disability, and encourage support for their dignity, rights and well being".

There's many ways you can get involved.

Rebecca Ho won the "Improving inclusive and accessible communities award" for her work in "creating inclusive play spaces across Australia, giving children living with disability the opportunity to play, participate in their community, and build relationships, thereby creating more inclusive communities".

The Everyone Everyday Project Team won the "Improving education outcomes award" for developing and launching the Everyone Everyday Disability Awareness Program. It is a "comprehensive teaching resource for mainstream primary schools that promotes the concept of inclusion. The program equips all students with the knowledge, skills and confidence to take personal and collective action to enhance the inclusion of people with disability, especially children, in everyday life".

The Stirling Community Early Learning Centre also won the "Improving education outcomes award" for leading by example to "model best practice across early childhood and school education in terms of inclusion. The centre has a standard practice of including children with disability in every activity without question or stigma".

Jordanna Smith won the "Emerging leaders in disability award" for her contributions, in a number of paid and voluntary positions, "that support her efforts to achieve equality for people with disability, particularly for the deaf community" as a person with lived experience of disability.

Here's the remainder of the award recipients for this year. Congratulations!

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