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Become a water hero!!

We love the water. This is a quick online questionnaire to help you become more aware of ways to stay safer around water, from the bathtub to the beach.


Got a spare 5 minutes? We'd love to encourage you to become a water hero!

waterhero splash physio.jpg

Then you get a badge you can post to social media to share and encourage others to have a go as well.

Unfortunately, things do go wrong sometimes. This project is about helping us to be more aware of things to watch out for.

For example:

What parent hasn't been in this situation?


And another example: where do you first look for your child? Most of us would probably look where we last saw them, maybe their bedroom, then we might start to check other rooms of the house or the backyard as we start to get worried.


It's somewhat counterintuitive to consider looking at water sources first, but when seconds count, it could make a big difference.

What are the water sources in your house? Unfortunately all that's needed is a few inches.

Do you empty the bath straight away?

Are there nappy or laundry buckets around? A fishpond? A fenced swimming pool?

What about dog water bowls? An esky left filled with ice? A mop bucket? What about when camping by a creek or going for a picnic by a river or at the beach?

Being aware of the water sources nearby helps us to supervise our children and manage those risks. Become a water hero here

There's great actions, and an easy way to remember some key messages:


Wishing you all a fun and water filled summer :-)


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