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The new healthy eating pyramid

Nutrition Australia has updated the Heathy Eating Pyramid for the first time in 15 years.

If you're like me, you will have grown up with cereals and grains filling up the base of a pyramid. The new version prioritises vegetables and fruit. They've also shown more nutrient dense grain options, and only healthy fats in the smallest section.

They are aiming to convey what we should be eating in a day. Rather than detailing the foods we should restrict, they have included a simple message to limit salt and sugar.

Lucinda Hancock from Nutrition Australia says the new pyramid is a response to the constant flood of conflicting and confusing nutrition information available to the public:

“The new Pyramid cuts through the misleading information and fad diets that are getting so much attention, and provides Australians with a credible, flexible and realistic guide to eating well.

Unfortunately we know that most Australians don’t eat what is recommended by the Pyramid and the Dietary Guidelines, and this is why we’re seeing such high rates of diet-related diseases.

The latest health survey data shows that the average Australian is getting more than a third of their daily energy intake from junk foods, while less than seven per cent of people eat enough vegetables and only half of us eat enough fruit.

We want to get the message across that for most people the simplest way to eat healthier is to cut down on junk food and sugary drinks and to eat mostly from the core food groups – especially to eat more fruit and vegetables. You don’t need to follow a restrictive diet or cut out entire food groups to eat healthier, because this can also lead to other issues such as yoyo dieting or nutrient deficiencies".

Makes sense to me!

Of course if you're on a restricted diet under medical supervision you shouldn't alter it before a consultation.

But the new pyramid shows us in a glance how we should be eating, and I do like clear and simple messages :-)

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