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Planning 2018

We are planning for 2018!

We are growing our team and are hoping to clear our waiting list!

Services on offer fall into 4 groups:

1. land physiotherapy

2. aquatic physiotherapy

3. pathways to swimming

4. sports and recreation intensives

Land physiotherapy

  • goal directed individual physiotherapy at your home, education, sport or recreation setting

  • can include equipment trial and prescription, support for transition to or inclusion in your education setting, or sports or recreation activity

  • this is also where formal assessments for reports are completed

Aquatic physiotherapy

  • goal directed individual aquatic physiotherapy at one of our pools, or a wheelchair accessible pool

  • always includes work towards swim safer skills and behaviours, even if the primary focus is on gross motor goals

  • we do a land based review each term to review how you are going towards your land based goals, reassess, and plan goals for the upcoming term

Pathways to swimming

  • goal directed individual aquatic physiotherapy at one of our pools, or a wheelchair accessible pool

  • development of swim safer skills and behaviours by meeting your individual learning needs is the top priority, and there are few or no gross motor goals

  • we can provide transition support directly to swim teachers at the pools we work with, or have additional support from physiotherapy assistants as a stepping stone if needed

Sports and recreation intensives - bike riding 22nd January 2018

  • we have been working towards sport and recreation activity goals as a part of land physiotherapy sessions

  • now we will offer intensives where you attend every day for a week before school goes back

  • set goals to improve your skills and aim to achieve them in the week

  • this can be followed up with support in your community to ensure transition into participation

  • first intensive starts 22nd January and will be bike riding

  • bike riding info here, sports & recreation intensives info to come

Please fill out our booking request form for 2018 and we will get back to you


Shayna Gavin is a physiotherapist who is passionate about helping babies, children and young people learn functional skills so they can participate in life at home, school and in their community. Recognising that children do best in their own environments, she visits homes, schools, and leisure activities from football fields to ballet classes. She also has daily aquatic physiotherapy sessions available at two private swimming schools in Moonee Ponds and Greensborough, Melbourne. She combines principles of paediatric physiotherapy, Contemporary Neuro Developmental Treatment, motor learning, and swimming teaching to address the individual needs of each child and their family. She loves providing professional development to physiotherapists, allied health and education professionals, allied health assistants and swimming teachers.

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