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New NDIS price guide 18-19 released

*This article was updated 8/4/2018*

The new NDIS Price Guide for 2018 - 2019 has been released

Splash families may hear about the new NDIS price guide starting July one which was released yesterday afternoon.

What therapy will the NDIS pay for?

You can rest assured that therapy prices were not cut starting July 1.

However the recommendation #17 on the IPR is still being reviewed, and an email from the NDIA CEO (sent to NDIS registered providers last night) advises it will be implemented (in some form as yet unknown) by December this year.

That means that advocacy efforts need to continue as strong as ever to ensure that a fair system is implemented.

The other IPR recommendations regarding travel, cancellations and report writing have gone through. There have been a few other changes as well, such as paying therapists time to fulfil their legal obligation to document notes. The changes to assistants (which were never described) do not appear to have occurred.

We have advocated on these fronts as well and will continue to do so, however for now we need to work out the best way to work with them to deliver the highest quality service possible.

What do the NDIS price changes mean for my family?

We will be sending detailed information to families currently working with us at Splash regarding how we will work within the new price guide, with ideas on how to make the most out of your plan, so that you can choose what suits you best.

The NDIA CEO email to providers advised that participant plans would be adjusted to cater to any price increases, as they were last time the prices changed (ie. your plan will have more money in it to cover price increases so you will not be worse off).

Participants with upcoming initial or review NDIS planning meetings will need to take these changes into account. We assist our Splash families with this as a part of our reviews.

Where can I find the NDIS price guide?

If you’re up for some serious reading, you can find the NDIS price guide 18/19 for your state here, as well as links to the IPR.

Shayna Gavin is a physiotherapist who is passionate about helping babies, children and young people learn functional skills so they can participate in life at home, school and in their community. Recognising that children do best in their own environments, she visits homes, schools, and leisure activities from football fields to ballet classes. She also has daily aquatic physiotherapy sessions available at two private swimming schools in Moonee Ponds and Greensborough, Melbourne, and loves school holidays bike riding intensives. She combines principles of paediatric physiotherapy, Neuro Developmental Treatment / Bobath, motor learning, whole child development and swimming teaching to address the individual needs of each child and their family. She loves providing professional development to physiotherapists, allied health and education professionals, allied health assistants and swimming teachers. She is an active advocate for people with disabilities and the health professionals dedicated to participation in everyday life.

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