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How to save your NDIS plan to PDF

The paper or PDF copy of your NDIS plan includes valuable information in each category. This tells you how each section of your plan is funded, if any parts are stated, or if any funding is set aside for particular purposes. It carries more information than the summary you see when you log in to the MyPlace Portal.

Your NDIS plan is typically posted to you at home, but is also visible from your portal. Saving it to PDF like this usually gives you the same format and information as your paper copy.

This is most easily done using a computer. Save as a pdf. Then you can attach that pdf to an email and share it.

Known issues:

  • If you use a phone and choose to share your plan by email, only a link is shared. The person receiving that email will be asked to log into your account and will not be able to access your plan.

  • there is a known glitch in the system where sometimes participants are not able to save their plans as PDFs in this way. Splash families having this difficulty have had success in contacting the NDIS, who have resolved it within a few days.

See these instructions on page 15 of the Participant step by step guide to using the MyPlace portal. You can download the guide for yourself here as it is a great resource with screenshots.

This is the relevant section from the guide:

Image showing the NDIS portal buttons to download your NDIS plan to PDF

Image description: screenshot showing the NDIS portal buttons to download your NDIS plan to PDF


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