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Meet Bec, our new Splash Physio!

We are excited to have Bec joining our team at Splash.

She has been learning with us for 2 weeks now and joined in on assessments and intensives last week.

She has excellent experience and is a great physio, and is learning the Splash way of doing things!

Here she is with Shayna at the end of kayaking intensives on her first day with Splash families.. What a start to a new job!

This is Bec and Sam doing some practise before getting into the boats.

Here she is underwater during our training day, and how she looks in PPE in case you kids want to see if they'll still recognise her with a mask on. I think the clever Splash kids will be able to spot her, right?

Please give her a huge welcome when you see her at the pools, on home visits and in the community!

We're thrilled to have her join the team.


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