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We're back to aquatic physio!

We're excited to into our aquatic physio blocks this week!

Alex, Bec and Shayna have all been working hard delivering intensives over the last 3 weeks of January, and doing assessments for all the new Splash families.

We'll put up some videos and photos soon about the aquatic, sports, playground bike riding and kayaking intensives we had fun with!

Our term 1 block starts today so we will be getting into the regular weekly bookings.

All families have been sent their booking information and COVID safe plans for the pools, including a social story with pictures to help Splash kids prepare. Please refresh your memories if you haven't been in for a while or if you're just joining us!

Here's our team in our PPE for aquatic physio. I bet the clever Splash kids can still recognise who is who, right?

If you need any hints or want to see us without PPE, check out our profiles too!

Here's Bec's, Alex's and Shayna's

Looking forward to catching you all soon!

Image description: Splash physios in face masks +/- shields ready for aquatic physio. Top left is Shayna, bottom left is Bec, bottom right is Alex, and our logo is top right.


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